Content Creation
Content Planning
Custom Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Hashtag Research
Web Design
Pinterest Management

helping business owners find their
authentic voice & their freedom

Logo Design
Stock Photo Research
Video Editing
E-Mail Management / Organization
Calendar Management / Organization
Sending Invoices
Sending Contracts
Data Entry
...and more!

After identifying what content you would like to write about or produce, we choose what form the content will take, and then I make it come to life.

Making a strategic weekly schedule for all of your postings in order to reach the most people.

Whether it be an infographic or marketing graphic design I can make your imagination come to life.

Keeping up with conversation on social media can be draining & time consuming. Luckily for you, I can help keep those organic connections flowing and engagement high.

Publishing, creating, and analyzing content that can be posted on any of your social media platforms. As well as any other time consuming tasks you have to stay on top of daily.

 Content creation


 Content planning

 Social Media Management

 Custom graphics

Researching the most popular hashtags used in your niche so your posts will have the most potential of reaching everyone who aligns with you and your business.

There is a time and a place for everything. I am able to pin point the next best plan of action that will ultimately help you launch your business further.

I help you design the website of your dreams which is an essential part to any business. 

I create the perfect visual brand mark for your company. With my eye in design, color, fonts and symbols, I am able to create something to perfectly express your business.

By using data & statistics, I am able to provide useful information like when the best time to post is, when you get the most engagement, who engages the most, etc.

 hashtag research

logo design



 Web design

Having a hard time finding a photo to post? I am able to research and find any free forms of images that are available for people and businesses to download.

TikTok. Reels. IGTV. YouTube. Whatever it may be, I have an eye for repurposing and editing videos that can be used on all of the platforms.

Helping you manage your time through phone calls, meetings, appointments, and any other important tasks.

Holding you accountable by knowing what you need to do and what you want to achieve. I help you stay on track and consistently help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Through organization & a systematic approach I am able to manage your e-mail so you can better navigate and keep all of your clients in order.

 stock photo research


video editing

e-Mail Management

 calender managemnt

The Silver package is a fantastic option if are only in need  of minimal support or unsure how much assistance is needed . This is a great place to start for any business owners that are in need of small adjustments & help in different areas of their  business.

The Gold package is the suggested amount of time for tasks to be completed and for your business needs and wants to be met.
You are promised a committed partner to help you with long term collaboration & support in your business.

The Platinum package is made for anyone who needs a right hand woman. This package allows an extensive amount of time to be dedicated to your business and prepares you for maximum growth.








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Hi there! I'm Morgan and I am a Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager for coaches and creatives. I help business owners find their true authentic brand and voice, I help them gain back their time, and scale their business.

Let's get personal

I have been living on Maui for the past 4 years , but I was born in Dubuque, Iowa and raised in Portland, Oregon. I love my people from the islands, PNW and the good ol’ Midwest, but I’m looking to connect with people far and wide. I have 6+ years of experience working in administrative support, social media, marketing, and customer service, all of which has brought me to where I am today. 

I will never tell you what you WANT to hear, but I will provide you with my honest opinion. This way, I am able to provide strategy, accountability, and my insights based on my experience and expertise. Ultimately, my goal is to help you grow as an individual, as well as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Since starting my own business, I have worked with wellness+fitness coaches and creatives. Why coaches and creatives? Well it didn’t come to me easily, I can tell you that much. Through exploring which industries and business owners I believe I would add value brought me my first discovery call with a creative. At that moment, I knew. 

My friends and family seek me out for a fresh perspective and candid input. Anything from good skin care brands, healthy recipes, workouts, yoga flows, lifestyle hacks, morning routines, how to organize, relationship and life advice, a listening ear, art ideas or hacks, and so on. I am a lifestyle person and I believe in people. I want to see each and every one of you succeed. Get in touch with your creative and BEST self.